There are a lot of shonky operators out there today – and you’re correct to be vigilant about where you spend your travel dollar.

Amaco is not only a member of AFTA, the Australian Federation of Travel Agents but we are also ATAS Travel Accredited. This means we have met strict industry standards and criteria. Only the best industry agents achieve this accreditation meaning that you can travel with us knowing that you’re in safe and capable hands.

With more than 20 years’ experience in planning and running conferences, we understand that participants often want to add their own personal travel experiences either before or after the all-inclusive packages we provide.

Other operators might discourage you from doing this. Sometimes, it’s because of the added complexity it creates and at other times they’ll try talk you out of it simply because they don’t have capable or experiences consultants with the breadth and depth of the consultants we employ.

Australia is such a long way from many of the places we conference in – so we encourage all participants to make the most of the time away. This might mean departing earlier than the rest of the group and visiting other destinations before meeting up with the main group at the conference or staying on at the conclusion and doing some additional travel.

Wither way – our consultants are perfectly positioned to assist you with making these arrangements and will do all the hard work for you – seamlessly combining your personalised itinerary with the group program.

Can I Book My Own Flights

Yes… not a problem. We understand that people may have a preferred Travel Agent they want to use and we don’t have any issues with you doing so. We’ll advise you of suggested arrival and departure times to allow you to make use of our group transfers.

We do ask for a copy of your itinerary so that we can double check it to ensure that it fits with our program and group itinerary.

One word of warning however, when booking flights independently – as the non-ticketing Agent we’re not notified of any changes or cancellations to your booking so your plans might change and you will need to be notified of these by your own agent.

It is also worth pointing out that even though we’ll have an experience escort with you at the conference, as the non-ticketing Agent we are unable to make contact or deal with the airline on your behalf.

Can I Choose My Class of Travel

We used to include flights in our travel package but found that in many cases the fares were more expensive than the best available daily fares or were not applicable for people who were looking to extend pre or post the main conference travel dates.

We also felt it was unfair on you, as a participant, to unknowingly pay a premium for a more flexible group fare when you are already committed to attending the conference. By not including the airfare in the package, you are also able to work with one of our experienced and knowledgeable Travel Consultants to arrange flights on any airlines from any destination depending on your preferences…. Including the class of travel.